Week 17 Power Rankings

It’s here, the final week of the season.  The playoffs are quickly approaching and 10 of the 12 seeds are now a lock, at this point, it’s time to find out where the chips are going to fall….and who is going to win the NFC East.

Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen an incredible amount of blowouts, something that we do not see often in this day and age of the NFL, and even more rare: some of these games between two playoff teams, or two teams with playoff aspirations.

While the AFC has the same exact teams (except IND) competing for the Lombardi trophy, the NFC may be one of the most exciting races we’ve seen in a while. We could very well get a Russell Wilson/RGIII matchup Wildcard Weekend, only to have a GB/SEA rematch the following week, OR watch RGIII take on a Falcons squad that sat him down early in the year.

Week 17 Power Rankings
RK (LW) Team Record Next Game
1 (1) Denver Broncos 12-3 vs KC – 9. Straight. Wins.
2 (5) Seattle Seahawks 10-5 vs STL – What a show by Seattle, got on the national stage and proved their worth. IF they mess around and get the 2-seed. Lord.
3 (4) Atlanta Falcons 13-2 vs TB – This team looks different than what we’ve seen before….they’ll win at least 1 playoff game.
4 (3) New England Patriots 11-4 vs MIA – Brady can be placed off his game, SF and JAX have both proved that
5 (6) Green Bay Packers 11-4 @ MIN – They got torched by AP last time, they need to win and get that bye. A Seattle/GB rematch seems inevitable right now…
6 (2) San Francisco 49ers 10-4-1 vs ARI – Absolute beatdown they suffered at the hands of Seattle, but all they have to do is take care of Arizona and all will be fine.
7 (8) Washington Redskins 9-6 vs DAL – Last time these two teams met, RGIII had a field day…Redskins have won 6 straight by the way…just a heads up
8 (9) Indianapolis Colts 10-5 vs HOU – Houston has never won in Indy, but the Colts do have a glaring weakness: their rushing defense allows 5.1 ypc and has given up the most 20+ yard runs (20) and 40+ yard runs in the league (7, tied with ATL)
9 (11) Minnesota Vikings 9-6 vs GB – All Christian Ponder has to do is be AVERAGE and the Vikings have a shot.
10 (10) Cincinnati Bengals 9-6 vs BAL – Incredible defensive performance by Cincinnati, it’s too bad they won’t make it past Round 1
11 (13) Baltimore Ravens 10-5 @ CIN – Impressive win over a reeling Giants team, a loss here and they would have to run the gauntlet on the road
12 (7) Houston Texans 12-3 @ IND – Texans vs Vikings reminded me of when Rey Mysterio shocked Kevin Nash that one time
13 (12) Dallas Cowboys 8-7 @ WAS – Romo has played flawless as of late, and Dez Bryant has seemingly gotten it together. If they can slide on it, they’re as dangerous as anybody
14 (16) Chicago Bears 9-6 @ DET – Somehow, they’re still in it after an incredible meltdown. Detroit isn’t a pushover.
15 (14) Pittsburgh Steelers 7-8 vs CLE – How utterly disappointing. Fire Todd Haley and try again.
16 (15) New York Giants 8-7 vs PHI – Welp. Guess that switch ain’t cutting on. Michael Strahan ain’t walkin through that door
17 (17) Carolina Panthers 6-9 @ NO – 6-10 last year…maybe 7-9 this year? Maybe 8-8 in 2013? Cam can dream.
18 (19) New Orleans Saints 7-8 vs CAR – Been a rough year, I’m sure it felt good to slice Dallas’s playoff chances
19 (18) St. Louis Rams 7-7-1 @ SEA – Jeff Fisher can have this team in the playoffs next year if they can just get a bonafide WR to compliment Danny Amendola
20 (22) Miami Dolphins 7-8 @ NE – Let’s give credit where it’s due, Ryan Tannehill has had a good year. Joe Philbin has done a remarkable job.
21 (21) Cleveland Browns 5-10 @ PIT – Not really anything to comment on
22 (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-9 @ ATL – What a meltdown they’ve had over the last 3 weeks. Incredible. Coach Radio Ra just laughin
23 (23) Buffalo Bills 5-10 vs NYJ – Fitzpatrick just tosses his way back into backup roles with each game
24 (26) San Diego Chargers 6-9 vs OAK – Impressive showing against NYJ, sacking someone 11 times is no easy feat
25 (25) Philadelphia Eagles 4-11 @ NYG – Foles has almost led the Eagles back several times.
26 (29) Detroit Lions 4-11 vs CHI – As I stated on the show Saturday, DET isn’t as bad as their record indicated…but they are bad
27 (27) Jacksonville Jaguars 2-13 @ TEN – Chad Henne has earned a shot at the job in 2013.
28 (30) Oakland Raiders 4-11 @ SD – So….why isn’t Terrelle Pryor getting playing time?
29 (28) New York Jets 6-9 @ BUF – You’ve got one more shot G-Mc
30 (24) Tennessee Titans 5-10 vs JAX – This team is just bad, saw someone suggest to Clay Travis that Bud should fire Munchak and coach the team himself…..I mean….he might as well.
31 (31) Arizona Cardinals 5-10 @ SF – Cardinals just have to pray for a QB and offensive line
32 (32) Kansas City Chiefs 2-13 @ DEN – When Jamaal Charles is on it, he’s on it. As miraculous a season as AP without the record or the team.

-@EagleEye1906, Ryan M.


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