In the history of the UFC there have been many great champions but I’m not sure there has ever been a run of dominance in three different weight classes like we are witnessing here between three top-level fighters. Between the current runs of Jon “Bones” Jones, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, and Anderson “The Spider” Silva, the three fighters have combined to go 20-0 since obtaining the title in each weight class. All 3 fighters are on winning streaks of seven fights or more and none show signs of slowing down. Now when looking into what makes each of these fighters so great you can clearly see all three are very good at implementing their strengths into their fights and being disciplined when looking for their opportunity to strike. But I wanted to dive a little bit deeper and breakdown each one individually to show you which of these guys is the most unbeatable.

Jon “Bones” Jones is the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion with a professional record of   16-1 with his lone loss coming by way of disqualification when Jones used an illegal downward elbow in his  fight against Matt Hamill. Jones is probably the most physically unbeatable in the UFC right now with his combination of size and length is down right unfair at 6’4 205 with a 84.5 inch reach. Jones has knocked off Light Heavyweight greats in Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, and Rampage Jackson as well as top names like Mauricio Rua and Ryan Bader. 8 of his victories have come by knockouts, 5 by submission and the rest were all unanimous decisions. Jon’s striking ability with his long arms is what really give any fighter that steps into the ring against him an automatic disadvantage. Jones’ range with both his punches and his lethal kicks have fighters hesitant to get into their range to do damage on Jones. Just to add insult to injury, Jones also has a 100% takedown defense rate. So the best question to ask here of a guy who in all reality has beaten every opponent he has faced is “How do you stop Jon Jones?” and right now there is not an answer. Jones simply has not been exposed by many opponents. He has taken some big punches but bounced right back and did some damage of his own. Jones’ next opponent will be Dan Henderson who is known for his heavy hands that he will look to catch Jones and knockout and off the champ.

Georges St-Pierre is the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. St-Pierre holds a professional record of 22-2 with 8 of his wins coming by way of knockout, 5 by submission, and 9 by judges decision. St-Pierre is a very technical fighter who executes his strikes with surgical precision. Georges has a great wrestling game to go along his elite striking that allows him to be one of the most versatile fighters in the UFC. Georges has defended his Welterweight title 6 successful times since he won the title in 2007 after defeating Matt Serra who St-Pierre lost to earlier that year. In early December of 2011, St-Pierre announced that he had suffered an ACL injury while training for his next title defense against Nick Diaz. Dana White and the UFC announced that Diaz would fight Carlos Condit in which Diaz ended up losing in a fight for the interim title holder. Condit and St-Pierre are expected to fight in November of 2012. It will be very interesting to see how Georges comes back after a significant injury to his leg. Will he be the same great fighter we have become accustom to watching dominate his opponents? Only time will tell if GSP has lost a step due to his injury and I know we all look forward to seeing him back in action whenever he is fully healed.

And last but certainly not least would be the UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Anderson had just about everyone fooled when he made his UFC debut against Chris Leben in 2006. Leben was the favorite in the fight that Silva completely dominated as he knocked out Leben in the first round with a knee. Silva has good length at 6’2 185, with a 77.6 inch reach and extremely long legs that can do some serious damage on the opponents body. Silva has a professional record of 32-4 with 19 of his 32 victories coming by way of knockout, 6 by submission, and 9 by judges decision. Silva is widely remembered for the dominance he showcased against former Light Heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, where Silva ducked and dodged Griffin’s strike attempts just to counter with strikes of his own before knocking out Forrest in the 1st round. Silva holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, and Taekwondo which show the amount of hard work and dedication he has put in to become the elite fighter he is today. Silva is fresh off a victory over Chael Sonnen who challenged Silva to a rematch after Sonnen lost to Silva in 2010. The Middleweight class is very thin and it doesn’t seem like anyone has a chance right now to knock off Silva from his throne. Silva could consider making a move to Light Heavyweight class and see how he would fair against the likes of Rashad Evans, Phil Davis, Lyoto Machida, and the current Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

As of right now in each fighters career I’d say Georges St-Pierre is the most beatable of the 3 because he is coming off of a knee injury which will likely in some way affect him. I’d put Jon Jones second on the unbeatable list because he is so young and the Light Heavyweight class is so deep. Jones is a tremendous fighter and will likely have a long and successful career in the UFC but I think he will end up in a fight sooner rather than later where he gets humbled just like every other champion that has come before him. Remember, Jones’ only loss right now was in a fight where he dominated Matt Hamill and lost by disqualification. So that would leave the most unbeatable fighter in the UFC right now as Anderson Silva. Silva is 37 years old, a seasoned veteran in the octagon where he has been able to not only been able to take out the big names in his weight division but has jumped up and destroyed a Light Heavyweight fighter. No one in the Middleweight class right now is on Anderson Silva’s level, not even a Chael Sonnen on performance enhancing drugs (2010).

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4 Responses to Unbeatable

  1. The1 says:

    Reblogged this on mmaunmatched and commented:
    This is a great article I came across on “From the Rafters.” Was thinking about writing on this topic myself but I agree 100% with this blog that it would be like looking in a mirror. Check out their site at fromtherafters.com for more great articles.

  2. The1 says:

    I agree 100% with this article. I am not a big fan of GSP but I have to give him his due, he is a great fighter. His fights are boring to the normal fight fan because he has rarely finished a fight lately but hardcore fans realize that fighters shouldn’t put themselves in spots where they risk losing. He picks his marks and delivers with very good accuracy. The only down side to him is that he is hittable, Jones and Silva takes much less punishment in their fights. If GSP was to fight someone who will continue to push the pace the whole fight such as a Nick Diaz then he may be in trouble. Jones chin worries me some. He’s been wobbled a few times against Machida and Evans and if Henderson delivers one big H-Bomb it may be all over. As for Silva his takedown defense is improving, his elusiveness is staying sharp as he is getting older, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I feel like he needs to move up so that he can continue to add to his legacy. Great article hope you check my blog out at mmaunmatched.wordpress.com

  3. Stagger X says:

    Jones has a way to go before he gets put up there with the other two, but it is hard to see him lose. It was just as impossible to see St Pierre losing to Matt Serra, but sh!t happens (maybe the best thing to happen to GSP?). Nice post.

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